Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Job Vacancy - Indian Railways


(From the date of issue)
1. Filling up of the posts on deputation basis- reg (Important).

2. Prescribed proforma for deputation
VC-59IRCONSAG/SG IRSE03.03.201530 Days
VC-93IRCTCAs per Annexure-I02.03.201530 Days
VC-92DFCCILAll Services27.02.201530 Days
Corrigendum to VC-71DFCCILS&T Department./IRSSE17.02.201530 Days
VC-90IRCONIRSE25.02.201530 Days
VC-89IRCONIRSEE25.02.201530 Days
VC-88South Delhi Municiple Corporation (SDMC)As per Annexure25.02.201510 Days
VC-86DMRCSS/JAG24.02.201530 Days
VC-85DFCCILIRSE24.02.201530 Days
VC-84RCILSAG/SG/JAG24.02.201530 Days
VC-83Bhartiya Bijlee Company Ltd. (BRBCL)SAG/IRSEE25.02.201530 Days
VC-82CRISIRSME23.02.201530 Days
VC-81NATRIPIRAS20.02.20157 Days
VC-80RCRISSG/SAG20.02.201530 Days
VC-79IRCONIRSSE19.02.201530 Days
VC-78DFCCILIRSE27.02.201530 Days
VC-77DFCCILSG/JAG/IRSE19.02.201530 Days
VC-76RVNLIRSE19.02.201530 Days
VC-75RLDAAs per details19.02.201530 Days
VC-74DMRCIRPS17.02.201530 Days
VC-73DFCCILAll Deptt. Ex. Medical & RPF17.02.201530 Days
VC-72IRCON International Ltd.IRSSE17.02.201530 Days
Corrigendum to VC-71
DFCCILS&T Department./IRSSE17.02.201530 Days
VC-70RVNLIRSSE16.02.201530 Days
VC-69DoP&TAs per Annexure16.02.201530 Days
VC-68RDFCCILIRSE16.02.201530 Days
VC-67IRCON International Ltd.IRSSE17.02.201530 Days
VC-66MEAAs per Annexure17.02.201521 Days
VC-65ESICAs per Annexure17.02.201530 Days
VC-64IRCONIRSE16.02.201530 Days
VC-63IRCONIRSE16.02.201530 Days
VC-62RVNLCivil Engg. Deptt.16.02.201530 Days
VC-61IRCONSAG/SG IRSE16.02.201530 Days
--CRISIRTS12.02.2015As per details
VC-60Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)-11.02.201510 Days
VC-59IRCONSAG/SG IRSE03.03.201530 Days
VC-58Ministry of PowerAs per Annexure06.02.201515 Days
VC-57RITESIRSE06.02.201530 Days
VC-56Railtel Corp. of India Ltd. (RCIL)SG/JAG Officers06.02.201530 Days
VC-55MNISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGyAs per Annexure05.02.201507 Days
VC-54DFCCIL-04.02.201530 Days
VC-50DFCCILIRSE28.01.201530 Days
VC-49RITESIRSE/Officers of Civil Engg. Deptt.28.01.201530 Days
VC-46RVNL-28.01.201530 Days
VC-45RVNLIRSEE/Electrical28.01.201530 Days
VC-44RITESSG/SAG Level30.01.201530 Days
VC-43RLDAIRSE28.01.201530 Days
VC-42DMRCIRSEE28.01.201530 Days
VC-41RVNLIRSE/Officers of Civil Engg. Deptt.28.01.201530 Days
VC-40CRISSAG IRSME/Mechanical Deptt.28.01.201530 Days
VC-07RCTIRTS & IRAS27.01.201530 Days
VC-39ESICAs per Appendix-I27.01.201530 Days
VC-38KONKAN RAILWAY CORPORATION LTD.(KRCL)As per Annexure-I & II20.01.201530 Days
VC-37JAIPUR METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD.(JMRC)As per Annexure-I & II20.01.201515 Days
VC-36JAIPUR METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD.(JMRC)As per Annexure-I & II20.01.201515 Days
VC-35JAIPUR METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD.(JMRC)As per Annexure-I & II20.01.201515 Days
VC-34RVNLIRSSE16.01.201530 Days
VC-33IRCONIRSSE16.01.201530 Days
VC-32CRISSr. Scale Officers15.01.201530 Days
VC-31RRVNLElec. Engg16.01.201530 Days
VC-30RVNLIRSE/Civil Engg.16.01.201530 Days
VC-29DFCCILIRSE13.01.201530 Days
VC-28RLDAIRTS14.01.201530 Days
VC-27DDAElec. Deptt.14.01.201510 Days
VC-26DFCCILIRSEE/Elec. Engg14.01.201530 Days
VC-25IRCONAs per Annexure12.01.201530 Days
VC-24Pipavav Railway Corp. Ltd. (PRCL)As per Annexure12.01.201510 Days
VC-23DFCCILParent Pay Plus Deputation Allowance09.01.201530 Days
VC-22RLDAGraduate in Civil Engg.08.01.201530 Days
VC-21IRCTCSG/SAG08.01.201530 Days
VC-20IRCTCSG/SAG08.01.201530 Days
VC-19RVNLIRSE07.01.201530 Days
VC-18RVNLIRSE/Officer of Civil Engg.07.01.201530 Days
VC-17RVNLIRSE07.01.201530 Days
VC-16RVNLIRSE/Officer of Civil Engg.07.01.201530 Days
VC-15RVNLIRSE/Officer of Civil Engg.07.01.201530 Days
VC-14RVNLIRSE07.01.201530 Days
VC-13Kolkatta Metro Rail Corp. Ltd. (KMRC)IRAS/Accts. Deptt.05.01.201530 Days
VC-12RLDAIRAS05.01.201530 Days
VC-11DFCCILIRAS05.01.201520 Days
VC-10RVNLIRAS/Accts. Deptt.05.01.201530 Days
VC-09IRCONIRAS05.01.201530 Days
VC-08RITESSAG/IRTS05.01.201515 Days
VC-07RCTIRTS & IRAS27.01.201530 Days
VC-06RITESIRSME02.01.201530 Days
VC-05CRISIRSME02.01.201530 Days
VC-04DFCCILAll Deptt. of IR02.01.201530 Days
VC-03DFCCILAll Deptt. of IR02.01.201530 Days
VC-02DOP&TAs per Annexure-I, Prescribed format for applying is at Annexure-II01.01.201530 Days
VC-01Chhattisgarh East Railway Ltd. (CERL) and Chhatisgarh East-West Railway Ltd. (CEWRL)All Deptt. of IR01.01.201530 Days

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